Friday, June 17, 2011


We just returned from the most fabulous time seeing our BJ, Nicole, Andrew and Bennett in Philly. This was a much needed week spending time with them!!! Jordy’s parents joined us and it was non-stop fun the entire week. We visited Ocean City (Jersey Shore), saw all of the cool places in Philly and took the train a few times to New York. Too bad the Jersey Shore cast is filming it Italy… I could have seen my boyfriend Vinny. Ha! ;-) In New York, we went and saw Wicked, ate a John’s Pizza a few times and owned the city… Yes, it rained heavy the entire week, but it didn’t stop us from having fun. We also went to a Phillies game. Their stadium was incredible! They played the Rangers and won. It was a really good game! BJ and Nicole live in the most beautiful area. Nicole is having a baby girl in September and I’m so freaking excited for them. This will be my first niece and I can’t wait to spoil and love on her! It was so great spending time with our family and having sleepovers with my Andrew & Bennett! Thanks BJ and Nicole for letting us stay with you! Love you all sooooo much!!!

Andrew and Grandma Vicki at Ocean City, NJ

Being silly at the aquarium

Jordy and Brian getting ready to tour Independence Hall

Love Park in Philly

Jordy and Andrew enjoying the baseball game

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Welcome to Philly~

Today is such a bitter sweet day for our family! BJ, Nicole and my two boys are moving to Philly. BJ was offered a great job with Wells Fargo. I’m really excited for him, but his new job requires him to live in Philly for a few years. I can’t even tell you how much I am going to miss them and what a change this is going to be for our family. You better believe we will be taking lots of trips to go and visit them. They will live one hour from NYC and two from DC. So fun!! I seriously feel so blessed to be a part of the Neilson family, and even more lucky to love and adore these four so much! Good luck with the move and we can’t wait to see you in April!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lake Fun~

Over the past month or so, we have had some fun family and friend weekend trips to some of my most favorites lakes in Utah...

Wade had the brilliant idea of camping at Yuba Lake over the weekend a few weeks ago. This was my first time camping at Yuma and hopefully won’t be the last. Our weekend consisted of eating lots and lots of delicious food, wakeboarding, playing horseshoes and frisbee, dominating Suzy in Uno (ha, sorry Suz), star gazing, chilling on the beach and so enjoying our campfire time while eating Wade’s mouth watering dutch oven cobblers.

Got to love Jordy and Corey's sick gas station shirts!

Over Labor Day weekend, we went with Jordy’s family to Moon Lake. It’s become a family tradition for us to join Nicole’s darling family for a weekend of fun! All of Jordy’s family saved reading MockingJay for this particular weekend. Yes, it was very hard but so worth the wait. It was so fun to read it all together and discuss all of the fun details as we read. I loved the book and think it ended perfectly. We had such a nice and relaxing weekend!

Me and Meg reading our books

Andrew being a silly boy

Over conference weekend, Jordy’s family went to Lake Powell while my family spent the weekend up at Stein Erickson. Jordy and I were in quite the predicament since we both LOVE Powell and Steins. So, Jordy went with his family, while I had a very hot date join me up at Steins (my Jenny-Wenny). We both had such a great time and are so blessed to have such wonderful families!



Cute Cole and Ryan Bruin!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Herriman Fire

Many thanks to all of the firefighters that saved our homes from the CRAZY fire on Sunday night! I want to give you all a huge hug and kiss! You are our HEROS!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lava Hot Springs

We went camping a few weekends ago with my mom’s side of the family to Lava Hot Springs. Holy crap, it was soooo much fun! There is so much to do in this tiny town (in Idaho). The hot springs are so clean and relaxing, they have a fun swimming pool with platform high dives and some scary waterslides and the best river to tube down. We had some huge rainstorms that I loved playing in too. We were tubing the river when a huge storm hit, and yes, it was freezing. It made the hot springs feel even that much better after words. I want to give props to Boo Boo, Jordy, Sara and Ben for going off the 4-5 ft. waterfalls on the river and only having a few bumps, scratches and bruises (Boo and Sara). Russ and I did get stung by a bee on the river and I think it was our punishment for not being brave enough to take on the falls. I wish I had pictures of the river so you can see how much fun it is, but I guess this means you will need to find out for yourself.

Our cute cabin that we shared with Russ and Boo Boo

Chillin' in the hot springs

Cole's crazy gainer

One night after dinner we played the funniest game. It’s a eat, drink, wear game. As you can see, our attire definitely turned some heads at our campground. Yes, we are all crazy!

We celebrated my mama bear’s and Boo Boo's birthdays! Happy Birthday to you! Brooke is still wearing her sexy blue eye shadow from our game. Wahoo!

It was so nice to spend such quality time with my family. They are all so much fun to be around. Thanks for all of the good times and laughs! I love you all!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New York - This place will inspire you...

Jordy is such a ROCKSTAR at his work (yes, I’m bragging).  To reward all of his hard work, ACS took us to New York for a long weekend. We went during the first weekend in August. It just so happened that the Yankees were playing the Red Sox this particular weekend, so we were even extra excited about that! When I found out we were going to New York, the first thing that came to my mind was seeing Wicked. We went the night we arrived and it blew my already high expectations away! Seeing Wicked was definitely one of my summer highlights. Another weekend highlight was seeing one of our best friends Tolley. He currently lives in DC and took the long bus ride to come play with us on Saturday. We love our Tolz! Thank you Jordy for such an amazing time in New York and for letting me eat at John's Pizza every day! :-)

Our hotel was incredible (especially for New York). We stayed at the Ritz that is right in Battery Park. You could see Miss Liberty in all her glory from our hotel room.

Friday, August 27, 2010

St. George girls trip!

A few weeks ago, some of my girlies went down to St. George for some fun. We spent our days lounging at the pool and our nights eating out, seeing movies and staying up all night talking and having a GREAT time. Did I mention the amount of junk food that was consumed…

Pool time!

Sneaking into the pool during the middle of the night.. enough said! ha!

Enjoying some Golden Spoon

Lovin' on sexy Zac! This is where our movie poster picture shoot began, and as you can see below, we had some fun with it!



Heath and her gorgeous sis, sooo cute!

and my personal favorite... me and Lac being the bad asses that we are!!! ha ha! Mark Walberg is my Hollywood boyfriend, so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity.

Thanks girls for such a fun weekend! I love you all!